Smart gridjust got smarter

TRAKEN is a data tracking, management and exploitation tool for smart electrical grids, that provides a distributed ledger to manage metering records, track physical objects and transfer value without a third party or manual reconciliation.


Interoperability and seamless flow of data between different networks

Protocol will provide interoperability and seamless flow of data between different networks. Using Ricardian and smart contracts such encrypted IDs of smart meters and consumption data will engage with prosumer Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) in validated interactions, events and transactions including PPEs. Smart contracts govern what types of relationships can be established between different identified entities within the system and how those relationships can be interpreted based on pre-determined composition.

Product passport

Framework for standardized product passports generation and protocol for recording of such data to DLT

A product passport is a digital twin of a device in blockchain space. It allows the device to be identified and labeled, to enter into agreements and to be accounted for tracking and measurement. We have created framework for standardized product passports generation and protocol for recording of such data to DLT;

Distributed energy resource (DER)

validation, time tampering and storing of data

Data is an asset that directly translates to value, and this value can be multiplied by fusing data shared among stakeholders in a value chain. DER registry will integrate distributed energy resources across all electricity networks while increasing visibility and access to data. This will enable real time validation, time tampering and aggregation of stored data while expending capacity of a two-way energy system.


of electrical ecosystem

Technology stack

Hybrid blockchain network
> Private permissioned blockchain
> Public chain that could be deployed on other chain or chains simultaneously providing interoperability
Gateway Protocol
> Protocol defines identities, how it is generated, how it is stored and the way it interacts
Smart contracts
> Executes on its own based on the instructions provided in the computer code
> Immutable, self-verifying and auto-enforcing
Ricardian contracts
> Available in printable form, program parsable with all forms equivalent in terms of manifest
> Readable by humans and machines
> Signed by the issuer and both parties
Data Pipeline
> How it communicates with end points that insert data into the system such as Skada from various manufacturers
> How metadata is stored so that it can be replicated on other systems

Electric metering becomes immutable and transparent

Operational performances tracking <
Custom reporting intervals <
Real time service management <
Mobispanty of consumer accounts <
Consumption patterns tracking <
Supply chain transparency <
New business models <

Electric energy becomes a liquid asset

> Peer-to-Peer trading
> Real time trading or production permits
> Transparency and provenance
> Origin tracking
> New financing models
> Democratizing investment
> Realization of non-financial value
Project Team

The project is financed by the Innovation Fund from the European Union Pre-Accession Assistance and from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, the line of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.