Traken is the software platform consisted of functional software modules structured according to the existing business processes of Distribution Service Operators and Energy Traders as our target customers, in line with EBSI and IEC 61968 standards.

It provides unique identification of smart meters on Blockchain, to ensure the encrypted and transparent way to access prosumers' smart meters, their product passports and metering data.

The current platform has employed functional API, Mobile Application for Prosumers, Dashboard Application for Electricity Suppliers and operational Blockchain Modul.

Ownership and PPE agreements

TRAKEN has developed a suite of smart contract to cover the functionalities that reflect relations between the prosumers and smart meters.

Ownership Agreements defines the relations between one or multiple prosumers with one or more smart meter devices enabling the creation of prosumer syndicates and shared ownership.

In order to accelerate the process and bridge the legal gap we have developed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in the form Ricardian Contract that records the agreement between multiple parties, while smart contracts execute whatever is defined in the agreement as actions.

Smart Contracts merged with Ricardian Contracts can provide a robust, efficient and real-time process for purchasing electricity production from prosumers, enabling completely new business model for Electricity Suppliers and Traders. This could be a significant step forward in adding more transparency to the Blockchain network as they are based on pre-defined and pre-agreed legal contracts, automatically executed in the digital environment.

DER Registry

Currently, grid operators lack visibility of distributed energy resources and metering data.

Data is an asset that directly translates to value, and this value can be multiplied by fusing data shared among stakeholders in a value chain.

Traken will enable the real-time transfer of data acquired by smart meters for data structuring, perform anonymized analytical and reporting inquiries and perform management of smart meter unique IDs and product passports (including consumption data as dynamic parameters).

The TrakEn Platform features include:

  • Generation of unique address of electric meters (meter ID)
  • Definition and storing of electric meter metadata (manufacturer, model, declaration, etc.)
  • Generation of pronounceable names for meter ID’s (eg. TrakEn.meter.john-doe.home-meter) and prosumer ID’s customer ID’s (eg. TrakEn.user.john-doe)
  • Definition of customer PI (personal identity) and creation of unique prosumers address (customer ID) for individuals or businesses
  • Linking of personally identifiable information to a customer ID and meter metadata to a meter ID

TRAKEN platform would be implemented as a stand-alone solution, as an additional software module to the platform for smart metering or network monitoring (MDM or SCADA), or as an add on to the physical infrastructure of the grid operator or electricity supplier, if the existing smart meter communication protocols allow such integration.