Project Team

Strahinja Vukoičić

Executive Director and Technology Lead

Holds a BSc in Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics, and an MSc in Signal Processing and Automation from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. As a serial entrepreneur, he founded and developed 5 innovative companies since 2008, 2 engineering companies and 3 startups, made his first exit in 2015 from a company that now has over 1300 employees and offices on 3 continents. As an engineer and a project manager he developed software and hardware solutions for multiple smart city and IoT projects including residential and commercial spaces, industrial zones, manufacturing facilities for Michelin and UNESCO protected sites. He has developed and managed multiple software development projects and teams ranging from mobile apps to custom multi-modal ERP/CRM systems.

VENTURES: (HTEC GROUP in 2008, MOONSTRUCK in 2011, C2 Communication & Control in 2013, HONORARCI in 2015, TRAKEN TECH in 2019).

Nemanja Petrović

Business Strategy Advisor

Graduated international business and administration at Grenoble Graduate school of business, an MSc in urban and environmental management at UN University for peace. He has managed the innovation processes inside tech portfolio companies, identifying strategies and business opportunities including multiple blockchain startups dealing with secondary markets, crypto ecosystems, KYC etc. Worked as senior advisor to public institutions including the Ministry of economy of Serbia in the EUBID project for the capacity building of business incubators and science technology parks financed by European delegation and implemented by GFA consulting GmbH. He has designed, developed and managed multiple EU-funded and commercial projects supporting innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. Nemanja is a founder of Web3 Supercluster financed by USAID through Serbia Innovates program.

VENTURES: an identity management platform (KYC/AML) and secondary market trading platform on Hyperledger Fabric.

Pavle Batuta

Blockchain Development Expert and Software Architect

Holds a BSc in Computer Science from School of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Belgrade. He is an expert in Blockchain development with focus on software architecture and physical implementation of Blockchain modules within complex business intelligence systems, ERPs, CRMs, etc. With more than 5 years in Blockchain based projects, he was actively working on several commercial implementations of decentralized ledgers.He is a lecturer and mentor in the crypto/blockchain community.

VENTURES: AgAu, GreenPower (DasCoin), Balkaneum, Decenter

Ana Trifković

Project/Product Manager

Holds a BSc in New Energy Engineering from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies, Belgrade. She is a former entrepreneurship development coordinator, responsible for development and implementation of entrepreneurship support programs in Serbia and Co-founder of 2 startups. Ana is a mentor and cross-sector representative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and responsible for the development of learning platforms at Startit

The project is financed by the Innovation Fund from the European Union Pre-Accession Assistance and from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, the line of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.